Seraphim (species)


This article is about the angelic species. For the individual character, see Samur Maykr.
Seraphim in the Luminarium.
A depiction of Seraphim in the Book of the Seraphs.

Seraphim (singular Seraph) are a species of Maykr-like beings (or an actual subspecies of the Maykrs). They serve the Father directly, unconnected to the Khan Maykr, thus possessing free will. They share many biological aspects with the Maykrs, including their overall shape, being subject to Transfiguration, and many of their abilities. All the Seraphim wear cybernetic armor similar to that of the Maykrs; none have been shown without it in their natural form. Their masks have a single glowing eye (either blue or red), human-like lips, and golden brain-like patterns on their heads. Seraphim cover their armor with dark red cloaks. Seraphim are especially known for their prideful nature. All the Seraphim seem to possess great intelligence, as they are said to "create machines that hold the immense power of the universe".


According to a passage from the Eri oa Hiim, also known as the Book of the Seraphs or The Lamentations of the Seraphs, the Seraphim were the first creations molded from the void by the Father in what would become Urdak. Unlike lesser Maykrs, they are bound to his will alone. They are said to have helped him in all his works, to have assisted in his research, and once flew on wings throughout all of creation to carry out his will.

After an event of an unspecified nature known as the Battle of Isonkast, the Father stripped the Seraphim of their wings. In atonement for whatever wrongs they had done, the Seraphim then built the Luminarium in Urdak upon its oldest grounds to become a dwelling place for the Father and a housing for many marvels, including machines with the ability to control and harness the essence of life itself.

Out of desire to prevent the Seraphim from seeking any further power, the Father commanded that they serve any who reach the Luminarium. As a result, they seem to obey a strict code of neutrality which serves all equally and without favor, and rarely do they ever directly take part in any external events. They can resurrect any being through the use of that being's life energy conserved in a special life sphere. If any life sphere is brought to the Luminarium, the Seraphim are duty-bound to resurrect the individual to whom it belongs. However, it is said that few beings can actually survive the process and fewer still have the strength of mind to maintain their sanity when it happens. In the ending of The Ancient Gods, Part One, a pair of Seraphim resurrect the Dark Lord by the Slayer's will.

As the Slayer is sealed in his sarcophagus in the ending of The Ancient Gods, Part Two, the procedure is overseen by three Seraphim, possibly including two aforementioned ones. The "Ancient Gods" themselves are shown as large, holographic yellow Seraphim.


A transfigured Seraph.

After undergoing the Transfiguration, a Seraph appears like a smaller version of the Khan Maykr, but having purple skin. Like the Khan, they possess secondary limbs in this form which can deploy energy-based wings. A transfigured Seraph has a yellow eyeball in the place of the life sphere carried by the Khan. The head features the same single eye as ordinary Seraphim have, with dark shallow depressions where a Khan's eyes would be.

Known individuals[edit]

Samur Maykr.
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Samur Maykr, also known in singular as the Seraphim, was said to be the Seraph most trusted by the Father. He was entrusted with the duty of carrying the Father's life sphere to the Ingmore's Sanctum in Immora, and was later commanded to act as a guide to humanity in the form of Samuel Hayden.


In real-world mythology, seraphim are described as a high ranking and powerful caste of angels in the mythologies of Abrahamic religions, naturally opposing demons and attending the throne of God. The word originates from the Hebrew language.