Shawn Green


Photograph of Shawn Green at id Software in 1995.
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Shawn C. Green is a video game designer who is best known for his work on Doom for id Software. He also worked on Daikatana as a programmer for Ion Storm, and for Gearbox Software making Halo.

Level design[edit]

Shawn designed three levels for the classic Doom series; one for Doom II, and the other two for The Ultimate Doom's additional episode, Thy Flesh Consumed.


Doom II[edit]

Supervisory roles[edit]

Shawn Green took over the supervision of late Doom-related products at id Software while the majority of the rest of the team was working on Quake. This included doing quality assurance work on Final Doom and cross-country coordination of the mappers involved in the Master Levels for Doom II.


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