Simon Widlake


Simon Widlake was the instigator of Compet-n, a website dedicated to Doom walkthroughs, achievements, and honorifics. An example of the sort of challenge found there would be determining who could run level 8 with no extra weapons and get to the end with all secrets, weapons, and maximum life and armor in the shortest time. As a speedrunner he submitted over 70 demos to Compet-n and Doom Speed Demo Archive between 1995 and 1999. Simon passed away in 2003.

Interests and memorial[edit]

Simon was also very interested in PC viruses and coined the phrase "Viruses infect - Worms infest", to help distinguish between the two. He took part in many forums, but few people could work out what the hell he was talking about half the time. :-)

"It's OK, his family could not work out what the hell he was going on about half the time either."
― Martin Widlake, Simon's Brother

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