Simply Silly Software


Simply Silly Software was a small studio created in Tempe, AZ by Joe Wilcox. After producing Xmas Doom and H2H-Xmas, they were contracted by WizardWorks to create unofficial expansion packs, starting with D!ZONE which was purely a collection of maps available freely on the Internet, followed by H!ZONE where, due to Internet access becoming more widespread, original content had to be included as a selling point, leading to the hiring of Andre Lowe as in-house artist. Afterward, their work moved to the Build engine, as they were contracted to produce the Duke!ZONE series and Duke: Nuclear Winter for Duke Nukem 3D and the ultimately cancelled Deadly Kiss for Shadow Warrior.

The Doom/Master frontend, which later became "D!", was one of the company's software products. IDE, or iD Edit, was another.

Besides Joe Wilcox and Andre Lowe, other members of Simply Silly Software included Crista Forest, Matt Harris, Jim Semkiw, Roger Tweedie, and more.

Body of work[edit]