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Site 03
"The UAC" redirects here. For the fictional corporation featured throughout the Doom series, see UAC.
This article is about Doom (2016) level. For the location in Doom 3, see Site 3.

Site 03, also referred to simply as The UAC, is the first level of Doom (2016). The first mission, Rip & Tear, begins in this level and continues into the Martian Outskirts. The Doom marine awakes from his slumber to find himself trapped in a holding facility overrun with demons and possessed personnel. He quickly reclaims his Praetor suit and begins picking up weapons, beginning with the pistol and combat shotgun. This level is divided into two sections; if this level is replayed after completing it, the player will skip the introductory area and start on the Martian surface.

"So you walk eternally through the shadow realms, standing against evil where all others falter. May your thirst for retribution never quench, may the blood on your sword never dry, and may we never need you again."
― Corrax Entry 7:17 (Loading description)

Mission 01: Rip & Tear[edit]

After waking up from his sarcophagus and killing some possessed scientists, the Doom marine quickly recovers his Praetor suit and tries to obtain information about the demonic invasion from a nearby computer; no information is available as the satellite array in Resource Operations needs to be realigned. Samuel Hayden, the facility's director, then makes contact via the computer and asks for the marine's help in finding a mutually beneficial solution; the marine responds by throwing the computer aside. As the marine enters the elevator to the Martian surface, Hayden makes contact again and accepts responsibility for the disaster that has overrun the facility but claims the risks and the human costs were necessary; after looking at a corpse in the elevator, the marine punches the comm panel to disable it. On the surface, the Doom marine fights his way past more scientists along with possessed soldiers and imps until he reaches the entrance to Resource Operations.


A detailed walkthrough is available for this level.


Discover the Cause
Destroy the Gore Nest
Find the Site 03 exit
Find blue access key
Find the Resource Ops entrance


There are no challenges for this level.

Special items[edit]

Item Amount
Argent cells None
Combat support drones 1
Praetor tokens 1
Rune trials None
Secrets 3
Datapads 2

Areas / screenshots[edit]


The last large bulkhead door encountered before the elevator to the surface can be examined closely to find a Mixom label which has partially detached, revealing a Vault-Tec Corporation logo underneath. This Easter egg forms a reference to the Fallout series by id Software sister company Bethesda Game Studios. If taken seriously, it would suggest that Vault-Tec acts as a subcontractor for Mixom in the Doom continuity.