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Site 03

This page contains a detailed walkthrough for Site 03, the first level of Doom (2016).



Discover the Cause
Destroy the Gore Nest
Find the Site 03 exit
Find blue access key
Find the Resource Ops entrance



After the cutscene ends, use the pistol you collected to kill the attacking possessed scientists then press the computer panel next to the door to activate an "echo recording". Once the recording ends, head through the door and collect the Praetor suit in front of you to trigger another cutscene; once it ends, head through the now-open doorway in front of you and follow the tunnel to some more possessed where you can practice glory killing to regain lost health. At the end of the tunnel, is a door with a dead guard under it; take the combat shotgun from the corpse then interact with the door to climb under it and find an imp that you can kill with your new weapon. In the next room is a gore nest surrounded by more possessed; kill them and interact with the gore nest to rip out one of its organs, which will cause a wave of imps to teleport in - the imps frequently climb up walls and ledges to get away from you, so be ready to chase them down. Once all the imps are killed and the lockdown is disengaged, head through the open door at the back of the room to find an elevator and press the button inside it to go up to the Martian surface.

Note that this tutorial section of the level is entirely skipped when replaying the level from the campaign menu, when playing on the Ultra-Nightmare skill level, and when playing in Arcade Mode.

Martian surface[edit]

Once the elevator reaches the surface, head forward until you drop down a hole then climb up the ledge in front of you to find the first datapad. Continue following the path until you drop into an area with a stone square block where you will find more possessed scientists and imps joined by possessed soldiers; these enemies carry energy blasters so keep moving to avoid their fire. Once all the enemies are killed, climb up to the metal walkway and head through a small doorway in front of you, where you will see that your route is blocked by a door requiring a blue access key. Turn right and follow a tunnel, then turn left and go down a slope to see a large gray crate in front of you; there is a corpse with blue overalls sitting against the crate which has the blue key you need.

Backtrack to the blue door and go through it; in front of you is a box containing frag grenades. Head forward to drop into an area with a large metal piston and kill some more possessed scientists, then turn left and follow the path down to a second piston which has more scientists next to it; watch out for imps appearing when you start killing the scientists. Turn left and head down some metal ledges until you reach a hover platform with some boxes on it, kill the imps that appear then climb on the boxes and turn right to jump to a wire fence with a small doorway in it. Go through the doorway and head round the piston in front of you, then climb up the yellow ledge ahead and follow the path to find your first combat support drone; after taking a shotgun modification from it, head between the rock columns in front of you and practice using your new mod on the imps and soldiers ahead. Follow the path up two short steps until you reach an enclosed area with imps and soldiers, then climb up to a ledge with a shield pickup to find an area with two broken railway tracks above you.

There are numerous scientists, soldiers and imps in this area so watch your surroundings carefully. Once the entire area is clear, stay at ground level and follow the path round to an area with a broken forklift truck then climb up two ledges to find an armor pickup; from here you should use the blue box on your left to climb up to track level, then head up the tracks to two large doors that will open as you approach. Go up the staircase behind the doors and walk past a holographic UAC Spokesperson to find a computer panel that you can press to finish the level.

Classic level[edit]

After passing the second piston you will head down to a hover platform guarded by imps. From the hover platform, turn round 180 degrees and look at the horizontal metal fence behind you to see that it has a small archway inside it; go through this archway and turn left to find a lever that will open a square door at the end of the path in front of you, which leads to the northern-most room from Doom II's MAP01: Entryway. Possessed soldiers will appear on the ledges when you enter the room.


There are no challenges for this level.


Picture Name Unlocks Model How to find
Blueguy Combat shotgun After acquiring the blue key from the corpse, jump onto the crate behind him and then turn around 180 degrees and look up slightly. There is a cliff ledge just above and in front of the corpse with a green light on it. Jump up and grab the edge of the ledge to find Blueguy on top.
Classicguy Imp After passing the combat support drone and killing the imps and soldiers past it, follow the path up two short steps to an enclosed area with imps and scientists (you will know you are in the correct place when you see a shield pickup above you). Stand under the shield and turn round 180 degrees to see a tunnel with green light poles in front of you, then follow the tunnel to find Classicguy on the edge of a precipice.

Other items[edit]

To find the automap station in this level, head through the blue door and drop into an area with a large metal piston, then turn left to see that the path splits in two with one path going down and another path going up into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a cavern containing a crane and kill all the possessed scientists, then look for the automap station next to a parked truck.

Item How to find
Datapad #1 (Environments - The UAC #1) After leaving the elevator to the surface, this datapad is in front of you as you climb out of the first hole.
Elite guard From the automap station, turn left and follow the tunnel past a crane until you can get back outside; before dropping off the ledge, look at the right-hand wall to see the guard leaning against it.
Combat support drone After walking round the third piston, climb up the yellow ledge in front of you and head forward to find the drone blocking your path.
Datapad #2 (Environments - The UAC #2) After walking round the third piston, do not climb up to the ledge with the combat support drone; instead, continue following the lower path until you find an empty hover platform station. The datapad is on the floor, next to a shield pickup.

Arcade Mode[edit]

In Arcade Mode you will start from the surface elevator and finish at the door to the exit airlock.


  1. On the stone block in the first combat encounter.
  2. In the cavern that normally holds the automap station; blow it up to kill several scientists.
  3. By the second large piston, along with some scientists.
  4. In the outdoor area past the first Doomguy collectible.
  5. From the second collectible, head through the small wall opening on your left and follow the sand path until you reach a mine.
  6. From the fifth mine, turn right and continue following the path past a forklift truck until you pass through another small wall opening. The sixth mine will be to your right.


  1. On the ledge that normally holds the combat support drone.
  2. Just before reaching the ruined train tracks, jump from a ledge with a shield pickup to reach a collectible.