Skulltag (IRC channel)


The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is #skulltag.

#skulltag was the official Skulltag IRC channel. The channel was generally more serious and strict than others, and was known as a good place for players to create a group and join a server. During the 2012 summer Skulltag development ceased, Zandronum becoming its continuation. IRC operations also moved to the Zandronum server, #zandronum becoming the new main channel.

Problems on OFTC Network[edit]

Due to certain members of the multiplayer Doom community causing disruptions on other OFTC channels, #skulltag as well as several channels related to it were removed from the network. OFTC gave the channel several chances, but eventually grew tired of members acting inappropriately on the network. On February 2009, #skulltag as well as its testing channel (#sttesting) moved to the DALnet network, and in later 2009 to their own network.

An open letter to the OFTC administration by the operators of all other Doom-related IRC channels on the network was the only thing which stopped them all from being removed along with #skulltag during this period, despite a complete lack of affiliation with the troublemakers. IRC ops were a regular sight in all of the channels and required convincing that the channels were in fact on-topic for the network, unlike #skulltag.

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