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Skulltag data (in the file named skulltag_data.pk3) is a mod packaged with source port Skulltag to showcase its new multiplayer game modes. It contains 56 new levels, 1500+ textures, a MIDI soundtrack, environment sounds, menu graphics, and custom enemy sprites. The resource was packaged with each Skulltag binary release, requiring a commercial Doom IWAD to be installed. Up until 2009, Skulltag developer Brad Carney (Carnevil) was chiefly responsible for project coordination and primary level design. More than half of the levels are submissions by members of the Doom community.

Most add-on levels uploaded to the idgames archive's deathmatch/skulltag/ subdirectory also require PWAD lumps from the file "skulltag_data.pk3".




The levels packaged with Skulltag's source port fluctuated between versions. New maps were incrementally added to releases and significant refreshes, including replacement levels, were done in versions 0.97b[1] and 0.98a.[2]

56 maps were included in Skulltag's final v0.98d release.

Retired levels[edit]

Some levels appearing in early Skulltag releases were replaced by new maps in subsequent versions.

Map Number Map name Author Versions Note
D2DM3 Old Combat Center Carnevil 0.93 to 0.95k Modified and re-released as Crucified Dreams MAP09
D2DM4 Volcanic Infusion Risen 0.93 Skulltag's binary set the same map name as D2DM6
D2DM6 Volcanic Infusion Risen 0.93 Despite the same name, unrelated to D2DM4
D2DM7 Judgement Day Afterglow 0.81 Later became MAP02 of Crucified Dreams
D2DM8 Dark Estate Boris 0.93 to 0.95k
D2DM8 Temple of Pain Kim Bach (Torn), NiGHTMARE, Carnevil 0.96b to 0.97d5
D2CTF1 McKinley Heritage Boris 0.91 to 0.97d5
D2CTF3 Verflutcher Temple Boris 0.91 to 0.97d5
D2ST2 The Judas Sector Brian Vannatta (Stragenl) 0.95b to 0.96f Deathtag level judas22.wad modified by Carnevil


Skulltag resources include over 1500 flats and textures that are required by most levels developed for Skulltag. Some textures are created by Skulltag's level designers with the remaining artwork sourced from id Software titles, numerous Doom community texture sets, and other third-party sources.

File history[edit]

Skulltag resources packaged with the source port were stored in three different file locations across the project's lifetime.

Filename Versions Description
skulltag.wad up to 0.96f All lumps are located in one PWAD
skulltag.pk3 0.97b to 0.97d5 PWAD converted to a compressed PK3
skulltag_data.pk3 0.98a+ skulltag.pk3 is split with levels moved into another PK3

Running Skulltag levels in Zandronum[edit]

When Zandronum was forked from the Skulltag codebase, its installer stopped including the skulltag_data.pk3 file. The new source port was focused on supporting client/server multiplayer with core Doom engine behaviour. There were also issues reconciling open source code licensing if packaged with 12+ years of Doom community creative work (some of unknown origin) by hundreds of individuals.[3] A decision was made to drop a branded mod experience, however Skulltag's new game modes are still supported.

To run levels in Zandronum originally developed for Skulltag, they must be loaded alongside files skulltag_actors.pk3 (included with Zandronum's installer) and skulltag_data.pk3 that must be downloaded as an addon. The files must be included in the correct order so drag-and-drop of WADs onto the executable may not work. For a correct example using the command line -file parameter:

zandronum.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file skulltag_actors.pk3 skulltag_data.pk3 mylevel.wad

If a Skulltag WAD was developed before v0.98a on October, 24 2009, it is less likely Zandronum can now run it. In this version, Skulltag data removed some skins and announcer voices along with the source port changing how resource files were managed. To play such add-ons, either a historical version of Skulltag must be downloaded or the add-on WAD must be updated.

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