Slayers Club


The Slayers Club is's "official fan-club" for the Doom series. It is possible to connect games to one's account, an option available in the 2019 re-edition of Doom and Doom II and of Doom 3, the 2020 re-edition of Doom 64, Doom (2016), and Doom Eternal, which automatically grants that account access to the Slayers Club program as well.

Retired points system[edit]

It was previously possible to earn points by playing and unlocking achievements. Reading articles on the Slayers Club website also yielded points. Further points could be earned by participating in weekly or monthly challenges organized by the Club. These points allowed climbing in rank (the highest rank was previously the 15th, "Doom Slayer", at 13,000 points), which unlocked cosmetic options in Doom Eternal, and discount coupons on official Doom merchandise at the site's shop. This program was retired some time around August 2023 with an announcement that the Slayers Club would be reworked to contain content about all id Software titles.

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