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Console backdrop of SMMU.

Codebase MBF
Developer(s) Simon Howard (Fraggle)
Initial release 3.01 (1999-03-20, 24 years ago)
Latest release 3.30 (2000-08-17, 23 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform DOS (primary), Linux, Windows (through Cygwin)
License GNU General Public License v2+
Source Repository



SMMU (Smack My Marine Up) is a source port created by Simon Howard (Fraggle). Deriving from the MBF codebase, it introduced several new significant features including a new scripting language, FraggleScript. Version 3.21 was the basis for the Eternity Engine. SMMU is licensed under the GNU GPL.


SMMU initially started off as a rewrite of sfdoom, Fraggle's first source-based experiment. Announced on February 5, 1999, It based itself after MBF, initially using the same name as its predecessor. The name Smack My Marine Up is a reference to the song "Smack My Bitch Up" by The Prodigy, and was suggested by Kim Roar Foldøy Hauge (Zokum) after Simon requested suggestions for a port name on IRC. A first official release followed on March 20, 1999, now using the current SMMU name. This was to be version 3.01.

Four months later on July 25, 1999, Fraggle released his "Birthday Beta" version 3.02. This contained the basic unique features that were to define SMMU - a chasecam and colored lights. Another key feature, FraggleScript, followed with version 3.10 on October 25, 1999. Fraggle continued to release updated builds with version 3.20 being released first, albeit as a private beta to testers on December 18, 1999. Nicknamed the "Millenium private Beta", this version introduced support for hubs.

A minor, public update followed soon thereafter with 3.21 on December 25. This version became the basis for the Eternity Engine.


After releasing 3.21, Fraggle started working on providing a network master server for SMMU, called "SMMUSERV". Significant development was focused on developing the code for this master server. One more release followed on August 17, 2000, version 3.30, that added support for text mode rendering. The SMMUSERV code was later also released.

It was after the 3.30 release that development started to be reduced. Fraggle contributed several fixes over the existing 3.30 distribution, with the latest update on February 25, 2001. However, a new version was never released, leaving version 3.30 as the last official version of SMMU. The repository for this code and prior SMMU code has since been put up on GitHub.


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