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SnapMap is the integrated editor in Doom (2016) that allows players to create and edit maps with their own structure and game logic. It can be used to assemble prefabricated rooms, place objects such as monsters and weapons, and define custom events within maps. Players can create maps for different modes, ranging from single-player levels, to co-operative or competitive multiplayer maps. When building a level, the game will shift to a top-down view where players can place pre-defined rooms and hallways to form a level. Additionally, they can make custom areas using blocking boxes or decorations. Players can also access the X-ray camera, which temporarily removes all the walls to allow players to view the objects inside.

All the enemies can be placed in Snapmap, with the exception of the summoner and campaign's bosses. Their artificial intelligence and stats, and the player's own movement speed can also be modified. Players can also add additional particle effects, lighting effects, and other gameplay items like health packs and ammo pick-ups into their creations. Only in-game assets can be used, and it's not possible to create or import custom models into the game. Levels can be tested before they are published online.

For players who do not wish to create extensively, the game features an AI conductor which automatically generates enemies. Players will receive "snap points" after they create a level, or play a level created by other users. These points can be used to unlock additional cosmetic items. Players can share their completed maps with other players. They can upvote or downvote and even modify other players' content and share them while citing the originals' authors.


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