Doom was ported to the Solaris operating system (at that time owned by Sun Microsystems, and thus known in full as Sun Solaris) in late 1994, and was designed to run with the data of Doom v1.8. It includes the shareware version of Doom, though it can support both registered Doom and the commercial Doom II by copying the appropriate IWAD files to the installation directory. It runs on Solaris 2.4 and later. The distribution contained two versions: one for regular X11, and another for Sun DGA. It was programmed along with other Unix-like ports of Doom by id Software programmer Dave Taylor, with support from Richard Goldstein, Bart Smaalders, and Ken Leigh.


  • Multiplayer network games are supported, with support for host name look-ups on the command line.
  • Solaris-specific Meta, Compose, and Alt-Gr keyboard keys are recognized as the Ctrl key.
  • Support for up-scaled graphics output via -2 and -3 command line parameters, which double or triple the window size respectively.


  • Keyboard controls cannot be rebound.
  • There is no mouse support.


  • The same sound server architecture is used as in Linux Doom, which launches a separate process to handle audio.


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