Soldier (Shield)


This article is about the monster in Doom Eternal. For other games, see:

The shield soldier is a monster in Doom Eternal which is a reinterpretation of Doom (2016)'s possessed security using the form of the classic shotgun guy. Like the blaster soldiers, they are former humans who have fallen under Hell's influence.

A variant of this enemy, carrying an indestructible gold shield, appears in The Ancient Gods, Part Two as the riot soldier.

Tactical analysis[edit]

Like other enemies whose shields are of technological origins, the plasma rifle is capable of knocking out the soldier's shield and damaging it, as well as other nearby enemies, with the resulting shockwave. If this is not possible, frag grenades or rocket explosions behind the soldier can quickly kill it.

Even with the shield up, the soldier is vulnerable to blood punches and the chainsaw.

The soldier has 500 HP without the shield, and the shield has 1200 HP, though the plasma rifle does triple damage to it. Additionally, it has slightly more health than a normal soldier when staggered, at 175.