Source port cheat codes


To activate a cheat in most versions, one simply types the code while playing (this also applies while in automap mode). After the last letter has been entered, a message of acknowledgement will appear at the top of the screen. The status bar, face, and ingame view may also change, depending on the effects of the code. All of the codes for the original game work in all ports, unless otherwise noted.

Cheat codes in vanilla Doom are disabled on the "Nightmare!" skill level, except for the iddt and idclev cheats. However, many source ports enable cheats for all skill levels.

In some ports and in the original executables, cheat codes may be different on non-QWERTY keyboards. For example, in France, idkfa may be idkfq, because of the AZERTY keyboard layout commonly used there.

In some source ports, radiation suit effects obtained using idbeholdr protect the player from all radiation damage, even on surfaces which inflict 20% damage per second. Also, in some source ports, when a temporary powerup (e.g. invulnerability) is gained using idbehold, it is permanent until toggled off again (or the level ends).

In certain source ports, the idfa and idkfa cheats also include a backpack if the player does not have one already.

Some source ports enable both no-clipping cheats (idspispopd and idclip) to function while playing either game.


tntammo#, tntamo# Toggles the ammo for selected category or adds/removes a backpack. 1 for bullets, 2 for shells, 3 for rockets, 4 for cells, and B for backpack.
tntcomp Toggles compatibility with version 1.9 of the Doom executables.
tntem Kills all monsters.
tntfast Toggles fast monsters.
tnthom Toggles HOM autodetector.
tntice Toggles variable friction on floors.
tntka Gives the player all keys.
tntkeyb Gives the player both blue keys.
tntkeybc Gives the player the blue keycard.
tntkeybs Gives the player the blue skull key.
tntkeyr Gives the player both red keys.
tntkeyrc Gives the player the red keycard.
tntkeyrs Gives the player the red skull key.
tntkeyy Gives the player both yellow keys.
tntkeyyc Gives the player the yellow keycard.
tntkeyys Gives the player the yellow skull key.
tntpitch Toggles pitched sounds.
tntpush Toggles point pushers.
tntsmart Toggles smart monsters (the "remember previous enemy" option in the Enemies menu).
tntran, tnttran Toggles translucency.
tntweap# Gives or takes the weapon specified.


PrBoom and PrBoom-Plus support the same cheats codes that Boom added and bring three new ones.

idbeholdh Gives 200% health points.
idbeholdm Gives megaarmor, with 200% armor points.
idrate Shows rendering stats, including frame rate and current number of segs, visplanes and sprites (toggle on/off).


ReBoom supports the same cheat codes that Boom added and three new dedication messages.

legend Displays the message: "ReBoom is dedicated to Ty Halderman".
phares Displays the message: "Your memory will never die".
flynn Displays the message: "Boom would not be Boom without you".


DSDA-Doom supports all the PrBoom(-plus) cheats as well as three new ones.

iddst Centers the automap around the lowest numbered unfound secret sector. If used again, it will center the automap around the next unfound secret sector, and so on.
iddkt Centers the automap around the lowest numbered alive thing that counts towards the kill percentage. If used again, it will center the automap around the next alive thing, and so on.
iddit Centers the automap around the lowest numbered uncollected thing that counts towards the item percentage. If used again, it will center the automap around the next uncollected thing, and so on.

Crispy Doom[edit]

Crispy Doom supports all vanilla Doom cheat codes and some new ones (some borrowed from Boom).

tntweap# Gives or removes the specified weapon (8 = Chainsaw, 9 = SSG). Try to load Doom 1 with DOOM2.WAD as a PWAD and type TNTWEAP9 to play the SSG in Doom 1.
tntem Kills all monsters on the current map (and disables all cube spitters).
spechits Triggers all Linedef actions on a map at once, no matter if they are enabled by pushing, walking over or shooting or whether they require a key or not. It also triggers all boss monster and Commander Keen actions if possible.
notarget Toggles deaf and blind monsters that do not act until attacked.
tnthom Toggles the flashing HOM indicator (disabled by default).
showfps Toggles printing the FPS in the upper right corner.
nomomentum Toggles a debug aid for pixel-perfect positioning on a map (not recommended for use in-game).
goobers Triggers an easter egg, i.e. an "homage to an old friend". ;-)
idbehold0 Disables all currently active power-ups.


Below are Doomsday's cheat-like console commands. As indicated, they are all entered through the console.

god God mode (toggle on/off).
warp # Warps to map #, same as the idclev cheat code.
kill kills all monsters of all types on the level.
suicide kills the player. A message will come up on screen asking the player to confirm that they wish to suicide.
noclip No-clipping mode (toggle on/off).
spawnmobj (ID) X Y Z (facing angle) Spawns an actor at the specified co-ordinates facing the specified angle. The ID's for actors can be found in the mobj definitions (the default ones are in objects.ded).
makecam * Changes the player into a camera that allows them to fly through the level and walls like a ghost. Monsters become dormant and will not attack a camera player. 1 turns on Camera mode and 0 turns it off.
give (stuff) (plr) The give command allows the player to give themselves or another player a variety of abilities and items:

Stuff refers to the type of item you wish to give. If there is more than one item of a type, you can specify specific items from the group. If a specific item isn't specified, you will give all items of that type.

Example: 'give wk' gives the player all weapons and keys.

Example: 'give w2k1' gives weapon two and key one.

Plr is an optional field to specify the number of the player to give the items to. If no player is specified the items will be given to the player typing the command (i.e. yourself).

Below are all the items you can give yourself; these lists can be viewed within Doomsday by entering "give" by it'self.

All Games:

a - ammo
f - the power of flight
h - health
k - keys
r - armor
w - weapons

Doom Specific:

b - berserk
g - light amplification visor
i - invulnerability
m - computer area map
p - backpack full of ammo
s - radiation shielding suit
v - invisibility

Heretic Specific:

i - artefacts
p - backpack full of ammo
t - tome of Power

Hexen Specific:

i - artefacts
p - puzzle items

Doom Legacy[edit]

Most of Doom Legacy's additional cheat codes are executed via typing them into the console. All the cheat codes below are used this way, excluding the first.

idfly Toggles fly.
god Toggles god mode on/off.
noclip Toggles no-clipping mode on/off.
kill Kills the player (although without actually removing the player's health).
gimme weapons Gives all weapons.
gimme health Gives full health.
gimme keys Gives all keys.
gimme map Reveals the current level on the automap the same way as the Computer area map powerup.
gimme x weapon Give a specific weapon such as a plasma rifle (gimme plasma)


In addition to new cheat codes of its own, EDGE also allows the user to edit the default ones through the language.ldf file. The codes below are the default forms of the new cheats.

idkillall Kills all monsters on the map, except for lost souls that emerge from slain pain elementals
idsuicide Kills the player [commits suicide]
idgive# Gives the player all weapons for slot#, along with ammo corresponding to those weapons. # can be from 1 to 10
idhom Turns "Hall of Mirrors" mode on. Any hall of mirrors effects are instead outlined by a green backdrop.


As well as supporting the additional Boom and MBF cheats, Eternity adds a number of its own.

ghost Toggles Heretic Shadowsphere effect.
hideme Toggles total invisibility. Monsters are not activated unless they are hurt or hear a shot.
iamtheone Toggles god mode, total invisibility, silencer, and infinite ammo cheats, while also providing full armor, ammo, and weapons.
infshots Toggles infinite ammo.
silence Toggles silencer powerup. Weapon sounds will not activate monsters.


An example of a player using cheats in ZDoom.

By default, ZDoom recognizes all stock cheats for the game being played, but disables them in Nightmare! or multiplayer. They can be re-enabled by setting the console variable sv_cheats to true. Some additional console variables act as cheats in a conceptual sense, such as enhanced aim or single-player respawning, even though treated differently by the engine.

Besides the codes below, vanilla Doom cheats are changed as follows:

  • idspispopd and idclip are both available with any IWAD. They may also be entered in the console as noclip.
  • iddt is generalized to the console variable am_cheat. The vanilla states become values of 0 through 2, a value of 3 shows bounding boxes as well, and values of 4 through 6 are equivalent to 1 through 3 respectively with secret lines hidden. iddt itself must be entered while in automap mode.
  • idclev, when entered in the console, requires a space between "v" and the digits.
  • idmus values are not interpreted as weapon change commands.
  • idmypos outputs decimal values rather than hexadecimal.

Setting the console variable allcheats to true enables cheat codes across games, including Chex Quest, and the Boom codes above.

ZDoom does not support additions or changes to cheat codes via binary DeHackEd patches.

anubis Makes monsters afraid of the player (toggle on/off).
buddha Makes the player's health unable to drop below 1% from damage taken (toggle on/off).
changemap E*M* or map** Go to the selected map with the arsenal and inventory saved. "*" are episode and map number.
fly Allows the player to fly (toggle on/off).
freeze Freeze Mode (stops all monsters, projectiles, friendlies and item animations, but not the player or environmental animations like wall and floor animations. Additionally allows the player to harmlessly walk through frozen projectile attacks. Toggle on/off).
give * Gives the player items: "*" can be "all" (give everything), "health" (give full health), "weapons" (give all weapons), "ammo" (give full ammo), "armor" (give full armor), "keys" (give all keys), "puzzlepieces" (puzzle items), or the name of a specific item. This can sometimes be used to obtain items from other Doom-based games; for example, "give upgradestamina" results in a stamina implant even while playing Doom, Doom II, Heretic, or Hexen.
god God mode (toggle on/off); equivalent to iddqd without changing health.
hxvisit # Warps to map # using the map's warptrans value, same as the "visit" Hexen cheat.
info Prints debugging information about the actor in the player's crosshair.
kill * "kill" by itself causes the player to commit suicide; with an actor name it eliminates all monsters of that type (for example "kill doomimp" kills all imps); "kill monsters" kills all monsters of all types on the level.
linetarget Prints the actor name, current health, and spawn health of the monster in the player's crosshair.
mdk Kills whatever the player's crosshair is pointing at. Stands for "murder death kill", a reference to the movie Demolition Man.
The actual damage done to the target is 10,000,000 points, so a DeHackEd patch could conceivably allow certain monsters to survive. This code cannot be used in deathmatch games, even with cheats enabled.1
morphme When playing Heretic, this code transforms the player into a Heretic chicken. When playing Hexen and any other game (including Doom, Strife, Chex Quest and others), transforms the player into a Hexen pig. It is important to note that if the appropriate graphics aren't available in the other games, by default, the player will transform into an invisible entity (example an invisible Hexen pig that has no way to attack unless the player switches to a weapon, after which the weapon will disappear from player's inventory when returning to normal). In newer ZDoom versions, an argument can be specified to morph into other classes, e.g. typing "morphme chickenplayer" will turn the player into a Heretic chicken.
notarget Monsters will not see the player unless hurt. If a monster has already seen a player, it will still pursue the player even when the cheat is activated. (toggle on/off).
powerup Gives the same power as the Tome of Power if playing Heretic.
resurrect If the player is dead, revives them with full health. This cannot be used if the player's camera has been separated from the body, which happens for example if the player is frozen to death and shattered, or has been gibbed in Heretic, or is gibbed as the Fighter in Hexen.
summon * Spawns an actor (monster or item). The dumpclasses actor command can be used to see all the spawnable actors, or a list can be read at the ZDoom wiki.
summonfriend * Same as "summon", except that the spawned monster will attack enemies. A friendly arch-vile created this way will resurrect both friendly and enemy monsters, turning them friendly. Friendly cyberdemons are also able to injure enemy cyberdemons with their rockets (and vice-versa), ignoring cyberdemons' immunity to their own rockets.
sv_fastweapons # Changes speed of weapons. "#" can be any number from 0-2; the default is 0.
sv_infiniteammo # If "#" is 1, enables infinite ammo. If "#" is 0, disables it.
sv_unlimited_pickup # (true/false) Enable to pick up ammunition beyond the maximum amount that could currently be held. (Originally meant as a debugging aid.)
turbo # Changes player speed, similar to the "-turbo" command line in vanilla Doom. "#" can be any number from 10-255; the default is "100".
  1. In the ZDoom source code, see the function cht_DoCheat in m_cheat.cpp.

Classic RBDoom 3 BFG[edit]

You must put the launch parameter "-classich" in order to use the classic Doom cheat codes.

idmenu# Doom 2 ONLY: Changes the main menu based on expansion #.

The values it can get is :

01: Doom II
02: TNT
03: Plutonia
04: Master Levels
05: No Rest for the Living

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