Southpaw Engine


The Southpaw Engine is a game engine developed by Australian developer Torus Games for the Game Boy Advance and used in the version of Doom II for that platform. It is also used in Duke Nukem Advance and Ice Nine.

Engine features[edit]

The engine included many advanced capabilities, most of which went unused in the implementation of Doom II:

  • Mipmapping[1]
  • Transparent textures
  • Reflective water
  • Destroyable textures and objects
  • Security cameras[1]
  • Look up/down[1]
  • Screen shake[1]
  • Moving geometry
  • Multiplayer game variation and two-player cooperative[1]
  • Sniper views
  • Night vision
  • Night and day cycle
  • Path finding AI[1]
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Ladders
  • Proximity sound effects
  • 16-channel mod music tracks
  • BSP traversal for level geometry rendering[1]



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