Strife: Veteran Edition

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[[Image:{{mainimage|VeteranEdition.jpg|thumb|240px|right|Veteran Edition logo.]]}}'''Strife: Veteran Edition''', also known as '''The Original Strife: Veteran Edition''', is a re-release of [[Strife]] which was released on [[Timeline#2014|December 12, 2014]]. It features an enhanced engine derived from [[Chocolate Strife]] but with many additional optional features, including an {{wp|OpenGL}} renderer with support for high-resolution, widescreen display, bloom, static lightmaps, dynamic light sources, and more. Some features that were planned but were not completed in time for the original release in [[Timeline#1996|1996]] have been fully implemented, including a multiplayer "[[Capture the Chalice]]" game mode derived from [[Capture the Flag]], dynamic objective markers on the [[automap]], a special [[HUD]] display for the [[mauler]]'s torpedo mode, and so on.
The Veteran Edition also includes new content to highlight these additional features, however the original data files ([[STRIFE1.WAD]] and [[VOICES.WAD]]) have been left unchanged from the original 1.31 release. Instead a new data file, [[SVE.WAD]], contains modified and supplemental content.