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The '''Bloodscourge''' is a weapon from [[Hexen]], used by Daedolon the [[Mage]]. It takes the form of a long, gnarled wooden staff with a large swirling red orb set into the skull-shaped headpiece. As with the [[Quietus]] and [[Wraithverge]], the Bloodscourge needs to be assembled from the appropriate segments found throughout the game before it can be used.
When assembled, it shoots three rotating bladed fireballs which home in on enemies, often tearing through them and continuing on until they hit a wall or other object. The fireballs can be repelled by the [[Heresiarch]], [[CentaursCentaur]]s/[[SlaughtaursSlaughtaur]]s, and players using [[Disc of Repulsion|Discs of Repulsion]]. The Bloodscourge uses 15 blue mana and 15 green mana to fire.
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