The Ultimate Doom

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== Name ==
Before the expansion's release and before the name The Ultimate Doom was pickedchosen, the game was referred to as ''The Definitive Doom Special Edition''. References to the original name can be found in the [[Doom source code|source code]] and in the DOS installer of the game, which features the shortened name ''DOOM: Special Edition'' on the titlebar and suggests {{c|DOOM_SE}} as the default installation directory.
In the [[2015 Doom source data release]], an early version of the Ultimate Doom [[DOOM.EXE|executable]] is included in the DoomMapsSE folder of the file. When run, its startup displays the title "DOOM System Startup 1.9 Special Edition" in black characters on a cyan background, instead of "The Ultimate DOOM Startup v1.9" in dark gray on light gray background.