Atari Jaguar

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|[[MAP11: Refinery (Console Doom)|MAP11: Refinery]]||
|[[MAP12: Deimos Lab (Console Doom)|MAP12: Deimos Lab]]||Due to the lack of crushers, the yellow key crusher area has been redesigned. The yellow key is now in a room with two doors that can only be opened from the outside. Once the key is picked up, a trap opens, and a switch inside re-opens the doors.
|[[MAP13: Command Center (Console Doom)|MAP13: Command Center]]||Most of the western and extreme southern portions of the map, along with the secret exit, have been removed.
|[[MAP14: Halls of the Damned (Console Doom)|MAP14: Halls of the Damned]]||The pathways leading from the central room near the yellow key area have been removed. The yellow key was relocated to this central room.
|[[MAP15: Spawning Vats (Console Doom)|MAP15: Spawning Vats]]||The entire eastern portion of the map has been removed. The megasphere secret in the start room has been removed, along with the pair of rooms containing the first of the switches required to access it in the west of the map. The secret in the slime alcove room has been reconfigured - the passageway and teleporter room have been removed, and the center alcove is now the teleporter to the secret area.
|[[MAP16: Hell Gate (Console Doom)|MAP16: Tower of Babel]]||This is a new map that is entirely different from the PC version.
|[[MAP21: Mt. Erebus (Console Doom)|MAP21: Mt. Erebus]]||The lava lake that surrounds the central area of the map, along with the water area that contained the secret exit have been removed.
|[[MAP22: Limbo (Console Doom)|MAP22: Limbo]]||One dead end passage in the blood maze has been removed.
|[[MAP23: Fortress of Mystery (Console Doom)|MAP23: Dis]]||This is Fortress of Mystery from the PC version.