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Squeeze glide
A '''squeeze glide''', often referred to simply as a '''glide''' or a "bar glide," is the most common of the glide tricks. It involves the player fitting into a space of exactly 32 units wide with the goal of skipping past a set of bars or other obstacle to player progression. Because the player is also 32 units wide, this means that the player must align themselves perfectly with the gap in question before moving through, down to a precision of 1/65536 of a unit. The quantized and somewhat inaccurate nature of the movement code can make this a difficult task.
=== Guided / guideless glides ===
Speedrunners have developed more specific terminology for these types of glides since they are by far the most common. A distinction is often drawn between '''guided''' glides, where there is a wall abutting one side of the 32-unit gap, making it easier to line up in front of it correctly, and '''guideless''' glides, where the gap is "free-floating" and the player must attempt to align with it purely by sight.
== Skip glide ==
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