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: I asked Kaiser and he's currently unaware of any appreciable differences. It'd be interesting to compare the files to look for any changes in the code though. --[[User:Quasar|Quasar]] ([[User talk:Quasar|talk]]) 23:35, 17 September 2016 (CDT)
: I did some investigating with vbindiff and the biggest, albeit inconsequential, difference is that the legal lump added to the PAL version of the game (PLLEGAL) is present in the IWAD for US v1.1, making a total of 0x5f8 lumps rather than 1.0's 0x5f7 - however, the lump is unused, and, none of the other changes known to be made to the PAL version are evident - ie., the brightness still defaults to 0 on the slider rather than 50% up it. So far I've found no obvious differences, but there is a change in the code somewhere, as it gets out of alignment a short way through, and all the pointer values in the code are off by that much accordingly. It seems like a minor change, it might even be unused code to draw the aforementioned lump when running on a PAL console for all I can tell right now. --[[User:Quasar|Quasar]] ([[User talk:Quasar|talk]]) 03:18, 18 September 2016 (CDT)