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==Development history==
[[File:Strife title.png|thumb|right|Strife [[title screen]].]]
Strife began as a project by [[Jim Molinets]], [[Rich Fleider]], and [[Steve Maines]] at {{wp|Cygnus Studios}}, expected to be published by [[id Software]].{{cite web|author=Siegler, Joe|url=|accessdate=1 August 2015|publication=[ RinkWorks]|title=The Apogee FAQ: Section 2.7.1: What is Apogee's relationship with id?|publishdate=30 September 2005}} When Cygnus owner Scott Host decided to move back to Chicago and cancelled the project, there was an internal revolt. Most of the staff of Cygnus quit, leaving to found Rogue and continue work on the game there.{{cite web|url={{dwforumst|id=1364221}}|publication=[[Doomworld Forums]]|title=More goodies from Romero (DoomEd source, maps, graphics)|publishdate=23 April 2015|accessdate=23 April 2015|author=[[John Romero|Romero, John]]}} [[id Software]] helped the company get set up in the same office building, and helped fill out its staff with programmer [[James Monroe]], a longtime friend of [[John Romero]], and level designer [[Tim Willits]]. A new publisher was found in San Francisco-based Velocity. The project suffered a total delay of around a year due to this transition, extending its development from 1994 all the way to 1996.{{fact}}
===Commercial failure===