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[[File:Mp color hellshot.bimage.png|thumb|right|300px|The Hellshothellshot.]]The '''hellshot''' is a [[weapon]] in the {{timeline|2016}} [[Doom (2016)|Doom]] {{timeline|2016|2016 reboot}} game which is exclusive to [[multiplayer]] game play. It is an advanced energy weapon that uses which utilizes [[Argent energy ]] to fire red-coloured, plasma-like bolts. Hellshot The hellshot is a semi-automatic weapon of moderate accuracy and firepower. Its alternate firemode firing mode launches incendiary shots that can set targets ablaze and inflict burning damage over time. Due to being an Argent-fed weapon (like the [[BFG (Doom 2016)|BFG]]), the Hellshot is presumably an in-house [[UAC|UAC]] weapon development product.
{{Quote|An advanced semi-automatic energy weapon.|SnapMap description|nosource=true}}
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