Doom 64

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[[Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal]], the lead developer of the Absolution [[total conversion]], would later create [[Doom64 EX]], an actual [[source port]] for the original game data as extracted from the ROM, based on reverse engineering of the program's code. It aims to be a 100% accurate recreation, while offering extensions such as widescreen high-resolution graphics, gamma correction, [[mouse look]], and other more minor improvements.
[ Doom 64: Retribution] recreates Doom 64 as mod for [[GZDoom]]. It is not intended to be a 100% faithful reimplementation. It works within the confines of the GZDoom engine and updates several graphics.
[[Brutal Doom 64]] is similar to ''Retribution'' but [ diverges even more from the original.] It features updates to the maps themselves, added graphical effects, more aggressive enemy behaviour, and additional weapons and monsters.
==Physical media==