Quake Champions: Doom Edition

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}} == Overview == 
[[File:QCDE single player screenshot.png|thumb|QCDE player kills a Tactical Transfer as Kane with a Heavy Machinegun. An hourglass bonus for active ability restoration is seen on the left.]]
* 17 unique champions, each with their own active and passive abilities.
* 11 weapons from Quake Champions, plus one.
* Monsters from Doom 1, 2 and 4, {{wp|Quake 1}}, {{wp|Quake 2}} and {{wp|Quake 4}}.
* [ Nyx!]
* Extremely flexible difficulty: apart from traditional [[skill levels]], different classes can be harder and easier to play in single player.
* Damage numbers show how much damage you deal to everything. They can be switched off, too.
* Rocket jumping, crouchsliding and nail climbing, it's almost like Defrag scene never died.
* Zandronum 3.0 compatible. Use [[Doomseeker]] or any other server browser to find games in progress.
* [[D-Touch]] compatible.
* GZdoom 1.8.6 to 3.2.5 compatible.
* Cooperative compatible. ''Yes, you can has healing.''
* Deathmatch compatible -- and rebalanced for this mode.
* Duel-oriented. Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination, Last Man Standing, Survival compatible.
== Maps ==
[[File:QCDE Blood Covenant screenshot.png|thumb|Player as Nyx snipes on fleeing airborne Kane with a railgun. Map is QCDE01: Blood Covenant by DBThanatos, a demake of eponymous map from Quake Champions.]]
* '''Light''' (AKA squishies): Smaller than average hitbox, low stack, generally fast.
* '''Medium''': Standard doom hitbox, medium stack, medium speed.
* '''Heavy''' (AKA tanks): Big hitbox, large stack, slower movement.
* '''Ranger''' (Medium) -- Dire Orb, Rocket Resistance
* '''Doomslayer''' (Medium) -- BFG-9000, Double Jump
* '''Corvus''' (Medium) -- Wings of Wrath, Elven Vitality
* '''Bitterman''' (Medium) -- Power Shield, Stabilized Homeostasis
* '''Galen''' (Medium) -- Unholy Totem, Channeling
* '''Duke Nukem''' (Medium) -- Freeze Thrower, Huge Ego
* '''Sarge''' (Medium) -- Veteran
* '''Kane''' (Light) -- Stroyent Injection, Crouchslide
* '''Caleb''' (Light) -- Life Steal, Kill Heals
* '''Menelkir''' (Light) -- Dark Servant, Hex
* '''Nyx''' (Light) -- Ghostwalk, Walljump
* '''Durandal''' (Light) -- Simulacrums, Unified Vitality, Infra-Chromatic Unveil
* '''Terminator''' (Heavy) -- Barrage, Ammo Regen
* '''Zedek''' (Heavy) -- Quietus, Cannonball
* '''Inquisitor''' (Heavy) -- Reflection, Thrust Dodge, Still Defense
* '''Sorgaul''' (Heavy) -- Primal Rage, Armor Hoarder
* '''Keel''' (Heavy) -- Grenade Swarm, Stockpile
=== Classes in single player ===
=== Active and passive abilities ===
Abilities define the playstyle play style of the characters. For example, Kane, being inherently fast, has even greater speed during crouchslidecrouch-slide, which allows both to deliver firepower right into the enemy's lair and retreat, possibly using Stroyent Injection which instantly restores his health in case his plan goes awry. As the opposite example, Terminator hardly ever retreats, and his ability to passively restore ammo, as well as freely triggered rocket barrage, ensure that he can deal with any threat without slowing the pace.
Active abilities are:
* '''Dire Orb''': Ranger's personal teleporter.
* '''BFG-9000''': Doomslayer's iconic weapon, melts armor or slows naked targets.
* '''Wings of Wrath''': Corvus' short flight at high speed.
* '''Power Shield''': Bitterman's extra armor that he can apply at any time.
* '''Unholy Totem''': Galen's land mine that heals allies.
* '''Freeze Thrower''': Duke's coolest weapon, complete with kick alternative attack.
* '''Stroyent Injection''': Kane's instant healing and speed boost.
* '''Life Steal''': Caleb can heal by dealing damage for a short time.
* '''Dark Servant''': Menelkir can summon a mighty Maulotaur to do his bidding that disappears should summoner die.
* '''Ghostwalk''': Nyx can disappear into thin air and reappear silently when she's least expected.
* '''Simulacrums''': Durandal can teleport fake B.o.B.'s into arena to blindly chase his opponents until they explode.
* '''Barrage''': Terminator's torrent of homing rockets.
* '''Quietus''': Zedek's final option, leaves flames that continue burning for some time after the hit.
* '''Reflection''': Inquisitor becomes invulnerable for a duration. Use again to become huge shield for team.
* '''Primal Rage''': Sorgaul gets regeneration, extra speed, and devastating melee attacks.
* '''Grenade Swarm''': Keel can fire up to 5 grenades, regenerating them one by one.
Passive abilities are:
* '''Rocket Resilience''': Ranger's natural resistance to rocket damage, helps with rocket jumps.
* '''Double Jump''': Doomslayer's thrusters that he can activate in mid-air.
* '''Elven Vitality''': Corvus regenerates health passively.
* '''Overstack''': Corvus can pick up ordinary armor items beyond maximum.
* '''Bandoliers''': Bitterman can always carry more ammo than other champions.
* '''Channeling''': Galen restores cooldown by picking up health items.
* '''Huge Ego''': Duke gets more health from health pickups.
* '''Veteran''': Sarge has classic Quake 3 stack: spawns with 125 health that ticks down to 100, and gets up to 200 health and armor from big pickups.
* '''Crouchslide''': Kane can get a speed boost if he crouches at the moment when he lands from a jump.
* '''Kill Heals''': Caleb gets a portion of health back when dealing final blow. In DM, during active ability, heals fully.
* '''Hex''': Menelkir makes enemies killed drop hourglasses that restore cooldown.
* '''Walljump''': Nyx can jump off walls, decorations and enemies.
* '''Unified Vitality''': Armor automatically converts to missing portion of health when picked up.
* '''Infra-Chromatic Unveil''': Durandal can always see invisible or phase-shifting beings.
* '''Ammo Regeneration''': Terminator slowly regenerates ammo for selected weapon. In coop and TDM, excess ammo is dropped for allies to pick.
* '''Iron Feet''': Zedek doesn't take environmental damage.
* '''Cannonball''': Zedek deals falling damage in area where he lands from heights.
* '''Thrust Dodge''': Inquisitor can accelerate in a direction by double tapping the key.
* '''Still Defense''': Inquisitor receives less damage when not moving.
* '''Armor Hoarder''': Sorgaul gets more armor from every pickup.
* '''Stockpile''': Keel regenerates grenades by picking up any ammunition, including that which goes with weapon pickups.
Excerpts have been featured as outro music for released videos, and as background music for [ Kane deathmatch video].
== Released videos ==
* [ -- '''Official trailer''']* [ -- QCDEmaps trailer]* [ -- AeonQCDE trailer]* [ -- inIn-depth tutorial about mod options]* [ -- FFA shown from Ranger's POV (original teaser)]* [ -- FFA shown from Zedek's POV]* [ -- Terminator vs Doom monsters]* [ -- FFA shown from Kane's POV ]* [ -- Caleb vs Nyx duel, shown from Caleb's POV]* [ -- Ranger vs {{wp|Quake 1}} monsters]* [ -- Bitterman vs {{wp|Quake 2}} monsters]* [ -- Kane vs {{wp|Quake 4}} monsters]* [ -- Sorgaul vs Ranger duel, shown from Sorgaul's POV]* [ -- Nyx vs Sorgaul duel, shown from Nyx's POV]* [ -- FFA shown from Doomslayer's POV]* [ -- Inquisitor vs Zedek duel, shown from Inquisitor's POV]* [ -- Team Deathmatch shown from Bitterman's POV]* [ -- Team Deathmatch shown from Galen's POV]* [ -- Capture the Flag shown from Kane's POV]* [ -- Caleb vs Inquisitor duel, shown from Caleb's POV]
== Credits ==
* Created by: [ DBThanatos], Michaelis
* Sprites: Captain J, Franco Tieppo
* Testing: Ragequit, Jckfrbn, A_D_M_E_R_A_L, Abysswalker, Ivory Duke
* Additional testing: ElRetardo, Barbarossa, VDRK, Bryina, DoomKrakken
* Official Soundtrack: [ Michael Markie]
* Permission to edit [[Aeon Deathmatch]]: Decay, Razgriz
* QCDE maps: DBThanatos, RoosTer, MrEnchanter, Abysswalker, Ivan Dobrovski
* Additional credits: DrPyspy, YukiHerz, DeXiaZ, Jimmy, Xaser, Breadbagfly, Chronoteeth, Mechadon
== Links External links == * [ Download: ModDB] * [ Official Discord server] * [ ZDoom forum thread]