32in24-12: IRON MAPPER

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* {{maplinkgen|MAP04|Sauce Port|32in24-12}} by [[James Paddock (Jimmy)]]
* {{maplinkgen|MAP05|Water Purification Facility|32in24-12}} by nub_hat
* {{maplinkgen|MAP06|The Battle of Snake Canyon|32in1432in24-12}} by [[Eric Baker (The Green Herring)]]
* {{maplinkgen|MAP07|Just Out Of Reach|32in24-12}} by XutaWoo
* {{maplinkgen|MAP08|A Roboticized Lizard Comprised Entirely of Moving Wooden Parts, Neurokinetic Circuitry, and the Heart of a Moldy Bald Eagle|32in24-12}} by [[Brett Harrell (Mechadon)]] and [[Shaikoten]]