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[[File:Mp color hellshot.bimage.png|thumb|right|300px|The hellshot.]]
The '''hellshot''' is a [[weapon]] in the {{timeline|2016}} [[Doom (2016)|Doom]] game which is exclusive to [[multiplayer]] and [[SnapMap]]. It is an advanced energy weapon which utilizes [[Argent energy]] to fire red-coloured, plasma-like bolts. The hellshot is a semi-automatic weapon of moderate accuracy and firepower. Its alternate firing mode launches incendiary shots that can set targets ablaze and inflict burning damage over time. Due to being an Argent-fed weapon (like the [[BFG-9000 (Doom 2016)|BFG]]), the hellshot is presumably an in-house [[UAC]] weapon development product.
{{Quote|An advanced semi-automatic energy weapon.|[[SnapMap]] description|nosource=true}}
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