Quake Champions: Doom Edition

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Active and passive abilities
* '''Freeze Thrower''': Duke's coolest weapon, complete with kick alternative attack. Slows down and eventually freezes enemies in place.
* '''Leash Thumper''': Grayson's signature attack from Bulletstorm, it lifts enemies in the air and immobilizes them temporarily.
* '''Kraftsman''': Blaskowicz can temporarily dual wield the Dieselkraftwerk and Laserkraftwerk from Wolfenstein: The New Colossus.
* '''Antigravity Discharge''': Freeman can activate a blast in his location that pushes nearby enemies and projectiles away. Its power increases with time and damage taken.
* '''Stroyent Injection''': Kane's instant healing and speed boost.
* '''Life Steal''': Caleb can heal by dealing damage for a short time.
* '''Simulacrums''': Durandal can teleport fake B.o.B.'s into arena to blindly chase his opponents until they explode.
* '''Nobitsura Kage''': Lo Wang slashes twice with his katana, sending short-ranged energy waves that deal heavy damage.
* '''Dopplegänger''': Eleena can create a clone of herself to confuse and distract enemies. Using the ability a second time teleports her to the clone's location.
* '''Cleansing Fire''': Lucienne can shoot fireballs that can damage and increase damage taken by enemies, or heal herself and/or her allies.
* '''Voodoo Guardian''': Hunter summons a skull that automatically fires at enemies. In PvP, enemies hit will leave a trail for her to follow.
* '''Barrage''': Terminator's torrent of homing rockets.
* '''Quietus''': Zedek's final option, leaves flames that continue burning for some time after the hit.
* '''Grenade Swarm''': Keel can fire up to 5 grenades, regenerating them one by one.
* '''Scanner''': Eradicator can activate a display in his HUD that shows the location of enemies, powerups, and weapons.
* '''Horror''': Vor Matur fires a blast that blinds enemies temporarily.
* '''Air Strike''': Major can summon bombs that fall on locations she marks by using the "fire" key.
Passive abilities are:
* '''Double Jump''': Doomslayer's thrusters that he can activate in mid-air.
* '''Elven Vitality''': Corvus regenerates health passively.
* '''Overstack''': Corvus can pick up ordinary armor items beyond maximum.
* '''Bandoliers''': Bitterman can always carry more ammo than other champions.
* '''Stabilized Homeostasis''': Bitterman's HP and armor stacks degenerate much slower.
* '''Veteran''': Sarge has classic Quake 3 stack: spawns with 125 health that ticks down to 100, and gets up to 200 health and armor from big pickups.
* '''Personal Dropkit''': Grayson can refill 50% of his currently equipped weapon by holding the "use" key, at the cost of 25 armor.
* '''Bounty Hunter''': Grayson gets armor every time he kills an enemy.
* '''Blitz''': If he doesn't take damage in 3 seconds, Blaskowicz's health will quickly regenerate to the nearest multiple of 25.
* '''H.E.V. Suit''': Freeman recieves no environmental damage. In addition, collecting LG ammo grants him armor, while collecting BFG ammo reduces his active cooldown time.
* '''Extraction''': When he's about to receive a lethal hit, Freeman is transported elsewhere in the map with 25 hp. This has a 45 seconds cooldown time.
* '''Crouchslide''': Kane can get a speed boost if he crouches at the moment when he lands from a jump.
* '''Kill Heals''': Caleb gets a portion of health back when dealing final blow. In DM, during active ability, heals fully.
* '''Hex''': Menelkir makes enemies killed drop hourglasses that restore cooldown.
* '''Walljump''': Nyx can jump off walls, decorations and enemies.
* '''Unified Vitality''': Armor Durandal's armor automatically converts to missing portion of health when picked up.
* '''Infra-Chromatic Unveil''': Durandal can always see invisible or phase-shifting beings.
* '''Peacock's Blessing''': Lo Wang can quickly regenerate his health up to 60 HP by quickly tapping "right" twice and holding "use".
* '''Tiger's Rage''': If Lo Wang's HP is below 40, he does 30% more damage with all of his attacks.
* '''Leap''': Eleena can increase her jump height by holding the "jump" key.* '''Training Weights''': Eleena moves much faster when she has no armor.* '''Blessing''': Lucienne's overstacks do not degenerate.* '''Immolation''': Upon dying, Lucienne creates a powerful explosion that deals heavy damage.* '''Sixth Sense''': When Hunter aims her crosshairs at an enemy, they create a trail she can follow (PvP only).* '''Spoils of the Hunt''': When Hunter kills an enemy, she gets either a max HP, Armor or ammo increase that lasts until she dies.* '''Ammo Regeneration''': Terminator slowly regenerates ammo for selected weapon. In coop and TDM, excess ammo is dropped for allies to pick.* '''Iron Feet''': Zedek doesn't take environmental damageup.
* '''Cannonball''': Zedek deals falling damage in area where he lands from heights.
* '''Thrust Dodge''': Inquisitor can accelerate in a direction by double tapping the key.
* '''Stockpile''': Keel regenerates grenades by picking up any ammunition, including that which goes with weapon pickups.
* '''Murderface''': Eradicator's damage increases as he kills enemies.
* '''Inductive Healing''': Picking up medium and large healing items will also grant Eradicator some armor.
* '''Excess Matter''': Vor Matur has a massive HP pool, but can have no armor. He also receives less knockback from hits.
* '''Corrosive Blood''': Blood sprayed by Vor Matur when taking hits does damage to enemies.
* '''Wall Climb''': Major can climb some walls by holding the "jump" key near them.
* '''Tall, Lean & Mean''': Major has a smaller hitbox than other Heavy champions.
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