Quake Champions: Doom Edition

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[[File:QCDE single player screenshot.png|thumb|QCDE player kills a Tactical Transfer as Kane with a Heavy Machinegun. An hourglass bonus for active ability restoration is seen on the left.]]
'''Quake Champions: Doom Edition''' (also known as '''QC: Doom Edition''') is a gameplay mod based on {{wp|Quake Champions}} featuring custom classes, weapons and monsters. It is compatible with [[Zandronum]] 3.0, GZDoom from 1.8.6 to 3.2.5, D-Touch and Delta Touch and boasts balanced gameplay across the single player, [[Multiplayer|deathmatch and cooperative]] game modes. It was granted the Multiplayer award at the [[Cacowards 2018|2018 Cacowards]].
== Main features ==