Quake Champions: Doom Edition

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Active and passive abilities
* '''Horror''': Vor Matur fires a blast that blinds enemies temporarily.
* '''Air Strike''': Major can summon bombs that fall on locations she marks by using the "fire" key.
* '''Serious Minigun''': Serious Sam brings out his trademark minigun to fill enemies with lead. Hourglasses don't reduce it's cooldown, but instead grant ammo for the minigun.
Passive abilities are:
* '''Wall Climb''': Major can climb some walls by holding the "jump" key near them.
* '''Tall, Lean & Mean''': Major has a smaller hitbox than other Heavy champions.
* '''Complementary Ammo''': Medium and large armor pickups refill ammo for Serious Sam's currently equipped weapon.
* '''Seriously Loaded''': Serious Sam starts with all three starting weapons.
== Monster replacement ==
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