Quake Champions: Doom Edition

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Active and passive abilities
* '''Cleansing Fire''': Lucienne can shoot fireballs that can damage and increase damage taken by enemies, or heal herself and/or her allies.
* '''Voodoo Guardian''': Hunter summons a skull that automatically fires at enemies. In PvP, enemies hit will leave a trail for her to follow.
* '''Diseased Cow Head''': Postal Dude throws a cow head that creates a poisonous cloud that lingers for a while, damaging enemies and ignoring armor
* '''Barrage''': Terminator's torrent of homing rockets.
* '''Quietus''': Zedek's final option, leaves flames that continue burning for some time after the hit.
* '''Sixth Sense''': When Hunter aims her crosshairs at an enemy, they create a trail she can follow (PvP only).
* '''Spoils of the Hunt''': When Hunter kills an enemy, she gets either a max HP, Armor or ammo increase that lasts until she dies.
* '''Cracked Lungs''': Postal Dude recieves a +75 health overcharge upon collecting a Mega Health that doesn't decay for 40 seconds. After that time, unless he picks up another Mega Health, his overstack will quickly decay or he will take 25 hp damage if he has no overstack.
* '''Crouch Jump''': When jumping while crouching, Postal Dude will perform a high jump.
* '''Ammo Regeneration''': Terminator slowly regenerates ammo for selected weapon. In coop and TDM, excess ammo is dropped for allies to pick up.
* '''Cannonball''': Zedek deals falling damage in area where he lands from heights.
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