Rich Nagel

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{{stub}}'''Rich Nagel''' is a musician who contributed to a number of [[Team Eternal]] and [[TeamTNT]] projects, as well as a number of third-party addon add-on levels for DOOM [[Doom]] and DOOM [[Doom II]]. '''Rich Nagel''' composed the entire soundtrack for [[Eternal Doom]] ({{ig|id=8688}}). ==Body of work=====1996===* [[Eternal Doom]] ===1997===* [[Soldier of Fortune]] ===1998===* [[Odessa 14]] ===2003===* [[Daedalus: Alien Defense]] ===Other projects re-using music===* [[1994 Tune-up Community Project]]* [[Epic]]* [[Epic 2]]* [[Heroes 2]]* [[Legacy of Heroes]]* [[MAYhem 1500]]* [[Thy Flesh turned into a draft-excluder]]
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