Quake Champions: Doom Edition

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List of Champions and abilities
=== List of Champions and abilities ===
29 30 playable classes are present:
* '''Ranger''' (Medium) -- Dire Orb, Rocket Resistance
* '''Blazkowicz''' (Medium) -- Kraftsman, Blitz
* '''Gordon Freeman''' (Medium) -- Antigravity Discharge, H.E.V. Suit, Extraction
* '''Painkiller''' (Medium) -- Black Tarot, Demon Morph, Painkiller Weapon
* '''Kane''' (Light) -- Stroyent Injection, Crouchslide
* '''[[:blood:Caleb|Caleb]]''' (Light) -- Life Steal, Life Essence
* '''Leash Thumper''': Grayson's signature attack from Bulletstorm, it lifts enemies in the air and immobilizes them temporarily.
* '''Kraftsman''': Blaskowicz can temporarily dual wield the Dieselkraftwerk and Laserkraftwerk from Wolfenstein: The New Colossus.
* '''Antigravity Discharge''': Freeman can activate a blast in his location that pushes nearby enemies and projectiles away. Its power increases with time and damage received. c* '''Black Tarot''': Upon activation, Painkiller can fill three card slots with any combination of cards of his choosing for extra damage, extra protection and/or extra speed.
* '''Stroyent Injection''': Kane's instant healing and speed boost.
* '''Life Steal''': Caleb can heal by dealing damage for a short time.
* '''H.E.V. Suit''': Freeman receives no environmental damage. In addition, collecting LG ammo grants him armour, while collecting BFG ammo reduces his active cooldown time.
* '''Extraction''': When he's about to receive a lethal hit, Freeman is transported elsewhere in the map with 25 hp. This has a 60 seconds cooldown time.
* '''Demon Morph''': Upon collecting 66 souls (in PvP each soul is worth 11), Painkiller will turn into a demon.
* '''Painkiller Weapon''': Painkiller's gauntlet is replaced by the Painkiller weapon, which does more damage and has a ranged alt fire.
* '''Crouchslide''': Kane can get a speed boost if he crouches at the moment when he lands from a jump.
* '''Life Essence''': Enemies killed by Caleb drop life essence pickups that can overstack his health.
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