Monster infighting

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==Monster infighting in Doom (2016)==
Even more-so than Doom 3, monster infighting in [[Doom (2016)]] is very rare. Monsters can damage each other with their attacks, but most will not retaliate against each other, instead choosing to focus on the player to the exclusion of all else. Only [[Imp (Doom 2016)|Imps]] and [[Hell knight (Doom 2016)|Hell knights]] can turn against each other in the vein of the classic games. Otherwise, most scenes of monster infighting is limited to a small set of scripted events, such as a battle between some [[Revenant (Doom 2016)|Revenants]] and some [[Mancubus (Doom 2016)|Mancubi]] in [[Necropolis (Doom 2016)|Necropolis]].