Quake Champions: Doom Edition

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[[File:QCDE single player screenshot.png|thumb|QCDE player kills a Tactical Transfer as Kane with a Heavy Machinegun. An hourglass bonus for active ability restoration is seen on the left.]]
'''Quake Champions: Doom Edition''' (also known as '''QC: Doom Edition''') is a gameplay mod based on {{wp|Quake Champions}} featuring custom classes, weapons and monsters. It is compatible with [[Zandronum]] 3.0, GZDoom from 1.8.6 to 3.2.5, D-Touch and Delta Touch and boasts balanced gameplay across the single -player, [[Multiplayer|deathmatch and cooperative]] game modes. It was granted the Multiplayer award at the [[Cacowards 2018|2018 Cacowards]].
== Main features ==
* Extremely flexible difficulty: apart from traditional [[skill levels]], different classes can be harder and easier to play in single player.
* Damage numbers show how much damage you deal to everything. They can be switched off, too.
* Rocket jumping, crouchsliding crouch-sliding and nail climbing, it's almost like Defrag scene never died.
* Zandronum 3.0 compatible. Use [[Doomseeker]] or any other server browser to find games in progress.
* [[D-Touch]] compatible.
=== Classes in single player ===
For single -player, only “Medium” champions are recommended. Light Champion hitboxes are very slim, allowing them to fit through bars or other tight crevices where players aren’t supposed to fit. Conversely, Heavy Champion hitboxes are considerably bigger and won't fit in the tightest of places where the player might be expected to go. It's still possible to play any class, but if map progression is broken, the responsibility is on the player.
Regarding difficulty, playing single -player or cooperative with Medium champions is playing QCDE in “normal” mode. Playing with Light champions is more of a challenge, and playing with Heavy ones is a bit on the easier side because of their large stacks.
=== Active and passive abilities ===
* '''Bounty Hunter''': Grayson gets armor every time he kills an enemy.
* '''Blitz''': If he doesn't take damage in 3 seconds, Blaskowicz's health will quickly regenerate to the nearest multiple of 25.
* '''H.E.V. Suit''': Freeman receives no environmental damage. In additionAlso, collecting LG ammo grants him armour, while collecting BFG ammo reduces his active cooldown time.
* '''Extraction''': When he's about to receive a lethal hit, Freeman is transported elsewhere in the map with 25 hp. This has a 60 seconds cooldown time.
* '''Demon Morph''': Upon collecting 66 souls (in PvP each soul is worth 11), Painkiller will turn into a demon.
* '''Painkiller Weapon''': Painkiller's gauntlet is replaced by the Painkiller weapon, which does more damage and has a ranged alt -fire.
* '''Crouchslide''': Kane can get a speed boost if he crouches at the moment when he lands from a jump.
* '''Life Essence''': Enemies killed by Caleb drop life essence pickups that can overstack his health.
* '''Cannonball''': Zedek deals falling damage in the area where he lands from heights.
* '''Iron Feet''': Zedek is immune to environmental damage (PvE only)
* '''Thrust Dodge''': Inquisitor can accelerate in a direction by double -tapping the key.
* '''Still Defense''': Inquisitor receives less damage when not moving.
* '''Armor Hoarder''': Sorgaul gets more armor from every pickup.
== Monster replacement ==
Player The player can use monsters from Doom, Doom 4, Quake 1, Quake 2 and Quake 4. More than that, players can mix and match monster sets -- for example, picking both Quake 2 and Quake 4 would be fighting against united Strogg forces.
All monsters emit damage numbers when hurt.