Id Map01

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'''id Map01''', also known as '''IDMAP01.WAD''', is a single-level [[Multiplayer#Deathmatch|deathmatch]] [[PWAD]] for [[Doom II]], authored by [[American McGee]]. It is the only known level created by a then-employee of [[id Software]] to be released as a PWAD level, instead of being a direct part of one of the games, comprising part of an advertising deal (such as [[Tim Willits]]'s Kick Attack! level), or having been created and released as fan works before the author actually became an id Software employee or after they left the company (as is the case with [[John Romero]]'s ''[[Tech Gone Bad]]'' and ''[[Phobos Mission Control]]'').
This level was incorporated in [[DWANGO|DWANGO1.WAD]], and . It was also adapted by [[Raven Software]] to [[Heretic]], initially as a hidden E4M1 only accessible through the [[DeathManager!]] utility or via command-line options, and was later moved to [[E6M3 (Heretic)|E6M3]] for the ''Shadow of the Serpent Riders'' expansion.