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HTTP->HTTPS in links. See here and here.
Posting here since this is getting off topic for the Central Processing thread.
''but it's a Doom website, so I don't think you'll have a problem''   It isn't quite that simple unfortunately.  See [http here] for some recent discussion.  If the central wikia has elaborated somewhere on its initial statement that "GFDL images are strongly preferred", feel free to point me there!  I'm fresh out of ideas myself, and AFAICT our other regular contributors have all been around the Doom community for a decade or more, and therefore have already made their peace with copyright law (one way or another).
''We were always planning on helping out wikis (especially the big ones) - but it's hard to announce that as then everybody might expect us to do it for them''   As I said on the listserv, I sympathize with Wikia's line of reasoning about the ads, but I don't find this funny at all.  It is an example of the duplicity of which the staff was accused on the forum.