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[[File:Ballista_Concept_Art.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Concept art of the ballista.]]
The [[ballista]] is a new [[weapon]] first occurring in [[Doom Eternal]], said to be a favored weapon among [[Night Sentinel]] marksmen. It launches kinetic projectiles with results similar to those of a rail gun, and can be charged to fire an explosive bolt which tears apart enemies (the Arbalest mod). It is currently presumed to replace the previous game's [[Gauss cannon]] given its similar mechanics. The ability to charge up a more powerful shot is inherited from the Gauss cannon's precision bolt [[weapon mod|mod]], though the bolt explodes after a short delay. The second mod is, as noted by Hugo Martin and as later shown in the 2020 "gameplay" trailer, a "destroyer blade" - a wide projectile which can chop slice through packs of demons. The ballista deals extra damage to flying demons. {{Quote|Bonus damage to Energy Shields. Penetrates though fodder demons.|Doom Eternal dossier protip|nosource=true}}
; Full Speed
:Movement speed in Arbalest mode is increased to 30%: Costs 3 weapon points
; Stronger Explosion
:Increase the size of the Arbalest explosion by 60%: Costs 6 weapon points; Mastery - Instant Salvo:The Arbalest will start charging instantly after a direct hit: Mod is unlocked by killing 20 cacodemons with the fully charged Arbalest mod
===Destroyer Blade===
; Charging Blast
:At max charge, the Destroyer mod will emit a blast wave that falters demons: Costs 3 weapon points
; Rapid Chains
:Destroyer Blade charge time reduced by 20%: Costs 6 weapon points; Mastery - Incremental Blade:Fire Destroyer Blades before they have reached the maximum width: Mod is unlocked by killing at least 3 demons or more at once with a fully charged Destroyer Blade 15 times