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Update: Included screenshot highlighting start map, chasecam, and changed player color.
|title = sfdoom
|screenshot = [[File:Sfdoom.png|200px]]
|caption = Screenshot of sfdoom, demonstrating its start map, chasecam and changed player color.
|developer = [[Simon Howard]]
|baseparent = [[DOSDoom]] 0.2
-"map" - Change level ie. "map 23" warps to map23
-"fov" - Change the field of view
-"color" player color
-"playdemo" - to play a demo "timedemo" exists but is still unstable
-"cooldemo" - cool demo mode switches between players, and toggles chasecam
-"chatmacrox" - set chat macros
-"endlevel" - full screen console mode
* New linedef types to let you activate console commands when you walk across linedefs.
* Quake-style "start map",