Quake Champions: Doom Edition

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[[File:QCDE single player screenshot.png|thumb|QCDE player kills a Tactical Transfer as Kane with a Heavy Machinegun. An hourglass bonus for active ability restoration is seen on the left.]]
[[File:QCDE v2 single player.png|thumb|QCDE player kills a Quake 2 soldier as Kane with a Machinegun. An official addon by Legendbourne is used for high quality portraits, and an unofficial addon by JD-513 is used for monster models.]] '''Quake Champions: Doom Edition''' (also known as '''QC: Doom Edition''') is a gameplay mod based on {{wp|Quake Champions}} featuring custom classes, weapons and monsters. It is compatible with designed for [[Zandronum]] 3.0, and compatible with GZDoom from 1.8.6 to, D-Touch 3 and Delta Touch and . QC:DE boasts balanced gameplay across the single-player, [[Multiplayer|deathmatch numerous PvP and cooperative]] game modes. It was granted the Multiplayer award at the [[Cacowards 2018|2018 Cacowards]].
== Main features ==
* 17 31 unique champions, each with their own active and passive abilities. 
* 11 weapons from Quake Champions, plus one.
* Monsters from ''[[Doom]]'', ''[[Doom II]]'', ''[[Doom (2016)]]'', ''[[Quake]]'', ''{{wp|Quake II}}'' and ''{{wp|Quake 4}}''.
 * [https://quakeMap completion bonuses (nicknamed "lootboxes") Nyx!] * Extremely flexible difficulty: apart from traditional [[skill levels]], different classes can be harder and or easier to play in single player. 
* Damage numbers show how much damage you deal to everything. They can be switched off, too.
* Rocket jumping, crouch-sliding and nail climbing, it's almost like Defrag scene never died.
 * [[Zandronum ]] 3.0 compatible. Use [[Doomseeker]] or any other server browser to find games in progress. * [[D-Delta Touch]] compatible. * GZdoom GZDoom 1.8.6 to 3 compatible. * Cooperative Player-versus-environment compatible-- and designed for that. ''YesThis includes single player, you can has healingmultiplayer cooperative and survival.'' * Deathmatch Player-versus-player (PvP) compatible -- and rebalanced for this mode.* Duel-orientedthat. Deathmatch, Team DeathmatchDM, Capture the Flag, Domination, Last Man Standingall supported. * Duel-oriented, Survival compatiblewith occasional tournaments commentated live by Quake Champions casters. * New PvP game modes: Freeze Tag, Elder's Soul (Terminator), Instagib, Unholy Trinity, and more.
== Maps ==
[[File:QCDE Blood Covenant screenshot.png|thumb|Player as Nyx snipes on fleeing airborne Kane with a railgun. The map is QCDE01: Blood Covenant by DBThanatos, a demake of the eponymous map from Quake Champions.]]
[[File:QCDE comes v2 deathmatch.png|thumb|Player as Caleb shoots a rocket into a group of players highlighted with two mapsets for Deathmatch and Last Man Standing modesred outlines. Map is QCDE36: ''Fusillade by DBThanatos, a demake of eponymous map from {{wp|Dusk (video game)|Dusk}} in [[Aeon DeathmatchHeretic]] for QCDE'' (AeonQCDE.pk3) and ''QCDE maps'' (QCDEmaps1.3.pk3)style.]]
QCDE comes with two mapsets for Deathmatch and Last Man Standing modes: ''[[Aeon Deathmatch]] for QCDE'' (AeonQCDE.pk3) and ''QCDE maps'' (QCDEmaps2.7.pk3). AeonQCDE is a version of AeonDM edited to contain QCDE weapons and specific map markers. QCDE maps consist mapset consists of special 43 contributions created specifically for QCDE by DBThanatos, RoosTer, MrEnchanterMr.Enchanter, Ivan Dobrovski, Abysswalker , Mr.Rocket, Ivory Duke and Ivan DobrovskiKillerkouhai. Unofficial maps have also been made by mod's community, such as RoosTer's Invasion mapset.
== Champions (Playable characters) ==
All champions have unique individual health/armour caps, referred to as stacks. Champions themselves are divided into three classes: * '''Light''' (A.K.A. squishies): Smaller than average hitbox, low stack, generally fast.
* '''Light''' (A.K.A. Squishies): Smaller than average hitbox, low stack, generally fast.
* '''Medium''': Standard doom hitbox, medium stack, medium speed.
* '''Heavy''' (A.K.A. tanks): Big hitbox, large stack, slower movement.
The stacks are “lower” compared to Doom, and light champions seem rather fragile , since they have low caps for health and armour. However, this is countered by their abilities. Light champions have ways of healing or escaping dangerous situations -- as opposed to tanks, whose abilities are more about dealing with danger face-to-face.
The fact that stacks are relatively low overall is compensated by healing items giving much more health than traditional Doom pickups, and armor being much more common. Therefore, it's possible to lose health quickly, but so long as an escape route is available, lost health can be gained back in a [[tic|heartbeat]].
=== Classes in single player ===
In GZDoom, [[Player|player pawn]] size is always set to standard, so players don't have to worry about hitboxes. For single-playerin older source ports, only “Medium” champions are recommended. Light Champion hitboxes are very slim, allowing them to fit through bars or other tight crevices where players aren’t supposed to fit. Conversely, Heavy Champion hitboxes are considerably bigger and won't fit in the tightest of places where the player might be expected to go. It's still possible to play any class, but if map progression is broken, the responsibility is on the player.
Regarding difficulty, playing single-player or cooperative with Medium champions is playing QCDE in “normal” mode. Playing with Light champions is more of a challenge, and playing with Heavy ones is a bit on the easier side because of their large stacks.
=== Active and passive abilities ===
Abilities define the play style of the characters[[File:QCDE v2 classpicker. For example, Kane, being inherently fast, has even greater speed during crouchpng|thumb|[[Multiplayer]]-slide, which allows both to deliver firepower right into the enemy's lair and retreat, possibly using Stroyent Injection which instantly restores his health only class picker showing 31 classes available in case his plan goes awry. As the opposite example, Terminator hardly ever needs to retreat, as his ability to passively restore ammo alongside a freely triggered rocket barrage ensures that he can deal with any threat without slowing the paceQCDE.]]
=== List Abilities define the play style of Champions the characters. For example, Kane, being inherently fast, has even greater speed while crouch-sliding, which allows both to deliver firepower right into the enemy's lair and abilities ===retreat, possibly using Stroyent Injection which instantly restores his health in case his plan goes awry. As the opposite example, Terminator hardly ever needs to retreat, as his ability to passively restore ammo alongside a freely triggered rocket barrage ensures that he can deal with any threat without slowing the pace.
30 Some ability effects differ slightly between [[Single player|PvE]] and PvP (Deathmatch, [[Capture the Flag|CTF]] and the likes). Usually, PvE abilities have a stronger, more pronounced effect, and a fittingly longer cooldown time between uses. This increases the value of "time shards"—the hourglass-shaped bonuses that reduce cooldown by 10%. === List of champions === 31 playable classes are present, each with a unique active ability and one or two unique passive abilities:
* '''Ranger''' (Medium) -- Dire Orb, Rocket Resistance
== Monster replacement ==
[[File:QCDE v2 custom themes.png|thumb|Player faces an eclectic menagerie composed from custom monster themes made by community members.]] The player can use monsters from Doom, Doom 4, Quake 1, Quake 2 and Quake 4. More than that, players can mix and match monster sets -- for example, picking both Quake 2 and Quake 4 would be fighting against united Strogg forces.
All monsters emit damage numbers when hurt.
Monster randomization has two modes: '''classic''', as known by the likes of Aeons of Death and other randomizer mods, and '''one theme per map''', selecting only one of the enabled themes at random for each map.
=== Custom monster themes ===
QC:DE features an [[ACS]]-based API that allows third-party monster themes to be cleanly interfaced with the mod. As a result, over 40 monster sets have been developed by the community members, mainly porting monsters from other popular games into QCDE. Each monster set can be played exclusively, replacing all monsters, or in combination with other monster sets, built-in or third-party.
Several monster theme addons have been released officially by the mod's team, including Heretic, Marathon and Doom 3 monsters. A tutorial for making monsters compatible with QCDE is available on ModDB, as well as a template theme file to plug values into.
== Lootboxes ==
During [[single player]] or cooperative games, killing all monsters and finding all secrets on a map is rewarded with a random tiered bonus, represented by a lootbox. Like in Quake Champions, there are three reward tiers on this ''surprise mechanic'': Backpack, Chest and Reliquary. Lootboxes reward player for map knowledge and perseverance during secret hunting.
Backpacks contain rewards that are immediately useful, such as a random weapon, an ammo refill, or a megahealth. Chests contain more significant rewards, such as a strong powerup to be given on the next map, or sometimes, even two. Reliquaries, the most prized lootboxes, contain permanent improvements such as max health or max ammo increase.
In multiplayer games, every player gets their own lootbox once all monsters have been killed and all secrets found. It is therefore especially beneficial to party as a whole to complete the map perfectly.
It's worth noting that at no point do ''surprise mechanics'' of this mod ever cross ways with real world money. The lootboxes of QC:DE are completely free.
== Original soundtrack ==
Excerpts have been featured as outro music for released videos, and as background music for [ Kane deathmatch video].
== Competitive scene ==
Owing to its Quake roots, Quake Champions: Doom Edition has developed a competitive scene. Several duel tournaments with monetary prizes have been held. The most successful series, TastyCups, has seen 7 tournaments to date, the latest one in May 2020. TastyCups are organized and casted by [ Alex "Jehar" Popa], known for also casting Quake Champions tournaments.
== Released videos ==
* [ Official '''Original trailer''']* [ QCDEmaps RVrDQOTNl3o '''Latest version trailer]* [''' ( AeonQCDE trailer7, DuskDude release)]
* [ In-depth tutorial about mod options]
* [ FFA shown from Ranger's POV (original teaser)]* [ FFA shown from Zedek's POV147 Cooperative Survival by Terminator and Galen]
* [ Terminator vs Doom monsters]
* [ Ranger vs {{wp|Quake 1}} monsters]
* [ Bitterman vs {{wp|Quake 2}} monsters]
* [ Kane vs {{wp|Quake 4}} monsters]
* [ FFA shown from Kane's POV]
* [ Caleb vs Nyx duel, shown from Caleb's POV]
* [ Ranger vs Quake 1 monsters]
* [ Bitterman vs Quake 2 monsters]
* [ Kane vs Quake 4 monsters]
* [ Sorgaul vs Ranger duel, shown from Sorgaul's POV]
* [ Nyx vs Sorgaul duel, shown from Nyx's POV]
* [ FFA shown from Doomslayer's POV]
* [ Inquisitor vs Zedek duel, shown from Inquisitor's POV]
* [ Team Deathmatch shown from Bitterman's POV]
* [ Team Deathmatch shown from Galen's POV]
* [ Capture the Flag shown from Kane's POV]
* [ Caleb vs Inquisitor qcBBeuYJePc Tournament duelbetween DBThanatos (as Grayson) and Sarabax (as Doomslayer), shown from Caleb's POVcasted by Jehar on TastyCups #4]* [ Tournament duel between Necrophag1st (as Lucienne) and Pikawa (as Terminator), casted by Jehar and BouvToTheMax on TastyCups #4]  
== Credits ==
* '''Created by''': [ DBThanatos], Michaelis* '''Sprites''': Captain J, Franco Tieppo* '''Character sprites''': [[DrPyspy]], YukiHerz, Abysswalker, Simploo, Revenatn, Nash Muhandes* '''Voice acting''': [ George Exley], David M. Neyland, [ Gianni Matragrano]* '''Testing''': Ragequit, Jckfrbn, A_D_M_E_R_A_L, Abysswalker, Ivory Duke* '''Additional testing''': ElRetardo, Barbarossa, VDRK, Bryina, DoomKrakken, Matsilagi* '''Official Soundtracksoundtrack''': [ channel/UCPAhQQChRHxhePO4uk2qEsA Michael Markie]* '''Official manual''': Barbarossa, Ivory Duke* '''Champion lore''': Ivory Duke* '''Permission to edit [[Aeon Deathmatch]]''': [[Decay]], [[Razgriz]]* '''QCDE maps''': DBThanatos, RoosTer, MrEnchanter, Abysswalker, Ivan Dobrovski, Ivory Duke, Killerkouhai, Mr.Rocket* '''HD portraits''': Legendbourne* '''Voxels''': Ivory Duke* '''Additional credits''': DrPyspy, YukiHerz, DeXiaZ, [[James Paddock (Jimmy)|Jimmy]], [[Xaser]], Breadbagfly, Chronoteeth, [[Mechadon]], Zanieon, KeksDose, TwelveEyes 
== External links ==
* [ Download: ModDB]
* [https://discord.megg/d4t XzD2TdV Official Discord server]
* {{zdforums|t=57716|ZDoom forum thread}}