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[[File:Daedoolon.png|frame|Daedolon the Mage as seen in the class selection screen in [[Hexen]].]]
[[File:Hexenstainedglass-mage.png|144px|thumb|A stained-glass depiction of the Mage.]]
'''Daedolon the Mage''' is one of the three playable hero classes in [[Hexen]]. He wears red robes with a hood, leather boots, a small belt with a skull girdle, a golden necklace with a purple gem, and carries a staff and a dagger (though he is not seen using either of them at any point in the game). Daedolon is the physically weakest, slowest and can't wear as much armor as the other two characters, however, he works out this facts with his deep study of the arcane arts, giving him impressive magical abilities.