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Tactical analysis
==Tactical analysis==
The ballista fills a similar niche to the [[gauss cannon]]; it fires an energy beam in a straight line, with a slow fire rate compensated by high attack power and unmatched accuracy. As it consumes 25 cells per shot, it is best used either to destroy enemy weak points from distances too far for the [[heavy cannon]] or the [[Combat shotgun (Doom Eternal)|combat shotgun]]'s sticky bombs to hit, as part of a combo with a different weapon, or against flying enemies such as [[Pain elemental (Doom Eternal)|pain elementals]] to exploit the bonus damage it does against them. Like the gauss cannon before it, the ballista has a noticeable recoil which can be exploited for increased air time and propelling yourself across an arena. That being said, it should be noted that enemies possesses by a [[spirit]] will take minimal damage from the ballista.