Quake Champions: Doom Edition

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[[File:QCDE v2 single player.png|thumb|QCDE player kills a Quake 2 soldier as Kane with a Machinegun. An official addon by Legendbourne is used for high quality portraits, and an unofficial addon by JD-513 is used for monster models.]]
'''Quake Champions: Doom Edition''' (also known as '''QC: Doom Edition''' or '''QCDE''') is a gameplay mod based on {{wp|Quake Champions}} featuring custom classes, weapons and monsters. It is originally was designed for [[Zandronum]] 3.0 and compatible , with compatibility for GZDoom from 1.8.6 to 4.3.3 and Delta Touch.  Current releases come with a fork of the [[Zandronum]] [[source port]] called '''[[Q-Zandronum]]''' providing improved netcode, Quake-style movement and Quality-of-Life improvements, whilst maintaining compatibility with Zandronum and GZDoom. QC:DE boasts balanced gameplay across the single player, [[Multiplayer|numerous PvP and cooperative]] game modes.  It was granted the Multiplayer award at the [[Cacowards 2018|2018 Cacowards]].
== Main features ==
* Can be played with its own fork, [[Q-Zandronum]]. A special patch is provided taking advantage of the new features of this engine.
* Can be played as a standalone game. Resources from the [[FreeDoom]] project are utilized to make this possible.
* 31 unique champions, each with their own active and passive abilities.
* [ Tournament duel between DBThanatos (as Grayson) and Sarabax (as Doomslayer), casted by Jehar on TastyCups #4]
* [ Tournament duel between Necrophag1st (as Lucienne) and Pikawa (as Terminator), casted by Jehar and BouvToTheMax on TastyCups #4]
== Credits ==
* '''Voxels''': Ivory Duke
* '''Additional credits''': DeXiaZ, [[James Paddock (Jimmy)|Jimmy]], [[Xaser]], Breadbagfly, Chronoteeth, [[Mechadon]], Zanieon, KeksDose, TwelveEyes
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