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|initialversion = Version 1
|initialdate = 1998-12-15
|platform = DOSDOSdemo
|license = [[Doom Source License]]
TASDoom was created out of a need for more granularity in recording demo'sdemos. Till then, demo's demos were recorded in [[DOOM2.EXE]] and [[DOSDoom]] which didn't support advanced TAS features. It was derived from {{c|lmpcheat}} which allowed recording in slowmotion and in multiple sessions. These formed the basis for TASDoom. As a result, a TASDoom demo cannot run in DOSDoom, although converters exist.
TASDoom saw a single release, which was on December 15, 1998. It became a popular choice to record [[LMP]]s with alongside its bigger brother, [[TASMBF]]. As the years progressed, TASDoom was slowly replaced by new ports that could run under multiple operating systems, such as [[PrBoom]].