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Upgrades: Indicate masteries
: Increase the size of the Arbalest explosion by 60%
: Costs 6 weapon points
; Mastery - Instant Salvo
: A direct hit with the Arbalest allows it to begin charging the next shot immediately instead of waiting for it to reload.
: Mod is unlocked by killing 20 cacodemons with the fully charged Arbalest mod.
: Destroyer Blade charge time reduced by 20%
: Costs 6 weapon points
; Mastery - Incremental Blade
: Removes the need to fully charge the Destroyer Blade before firing; instead, it gains a three-stage charge system. Higher levels of charge consume more ammo but produce a wider projectile that deals more damage.
: Mod is unlocked by killing at least 3 demons or more at once with a fully charged Destroyer Blade 15 times.