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When assembled, it shoots three rotating bladed fireballs which home in on enemies, often tearing through them and continuing on until they hit a wall or other object. The fireballs can be repelled by the [[Heresiarch]], players using [[Disc of Repulsion|Discs of Repulsion]], and the mage class while the [[Icon of the Defender]] is active. When repelled, the fireballs will return and target the one who originally fired the weapon. If that person happens to also have a shield active, the fireballs will continue to bounce back and forth until one of the shields wears off or they hit an obstacle. The Bloodscourge uses 15 blue mana and 15 green mana to fire.
Because of the Bloodscourge's combination of very fast travel speed and slow homing ability, it may take some practice before the player can kill use the weapon to its fullest effect. Getting the enemies to form into a straight line pointing at the player often works best, and lessens the likelihood of the fireballs hitting a wall too early.
In [[Wikipedia:Serious Sam|Serious Sam: The Second Encounter]], the final boss, [[Wikipedia:Serious Sam Enemy Biographies#Mordekai The Summoner|Mordekai The Summoner]], wields a staff that looks very similar to the Bloodscourge.
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