The Sigil of the One God

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The primary weapon of [[Strife]]. The sigil, or "'''The Sigil of the One God'''" as called in the game, is considered a sentient weapon which is worshipped to the bitter end by [[The Order]], thought to have been created by the [[Entity|Entities]] as a means to corrupt the people into evil desires. The sigil appears as both a weapon and an symbol on many Order flags throughout the game.

As an actual weapon, there are five seperate pieces to the Sigil. The first is the lower half of the base, the second the upper half of the base, the third being the left of three prongs on it, the fourth being the right prong, and the final being the center prong of the completed Sigil. There are five forms of the weapon, each changing upon gaining a piece.

The first form utilizes the lower base and creates a floor sensor below the player[or under the target monster if there is one in the player's sight], which drop electrical-like bolts of energy from the sky like a lightning storm. The sensor will erratically, but slowly move around from it's origin point, allowing the thunder bolts to drop in odd patterns. This version of the Sigil cannot hurt the originator of the attack, so summoning the sensor below you is safe.

The second form utilizes the entire base[first two pieces] will shoot a horizontal bolt of energy straight ahead, leaving short afterimages of it being the main shot. This main shot is assumably stronger than the shots of the first form.

The third form [whole base, plus left prong] will shoot a spread of several dozen small balls of energy in a 180 degree angle relevant to the player's current angle view. At close range against groups of monsters this can be a lifesaver.

The fourth form [whole base, plus left and right prongs] will shoot a vertical-looking bolt of lightning, much similar to the second form, except the large bolt has semi seeking properties and does serious damage to most enemies.

The final form [whole base, plus left, right and center prongs] will shot a pulsing ball straight forward, that will shoot electrical bolts similar to the second form to both the left side, right side, and even in front of the main shot. This allows enemies that are directly targetted to take more damaged than expected, and enemies to the sides of the main shot to still be hit.

However, the primary downside to the Sigil is that it uses the player's own health as ammo. Each form of the Sigil uses a specfic percentage of health[although health can be extended from 100% to 200% max with Stamina implants], and as [[Macil]] explains, the Sigil uses the player's lifeforce to create a destructive attack, and states whoever holds the entire Sigil can control the entire world.

The Sigil uses up the following amounts of health per form:

*First form[lower half of base] - 4%
*Second form[lower half and upper half of base] - 8%
*Third form[entire base and left prong] - 12%
*Fourth form[entire base, and left + right prongs] - 16%
*Complete form[entire base, and all three prongs] - 20%

Due to these health losses per shot, it is advised the player possesses many health items, particularly the [[Surgery Kit]], which restores all health in a single use.

Another note is that the Sigil is the only weapon in the game that can hurt [[Spectre (Strife)|Spectres]] and [[Entity|Entities]], and that these monsters are also capable of using Sigil attacks on you as well. Additionally, the [[Programmer]] in the Order's Castle can use the First form Sigil blasts, for some nasty damage.

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