MAP17: River of Blood (Hacx)

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{{Level stub}}
'''MAP17: River of Blood''' is the seventeenth map of [[Hacx]]. It was designed by [[Marc Pullen (Fanatic)]] and uses the [[Adding custom music|music]] track " [[Category:Map pages without soundtrack information]]".
== Walkthrough ==
[[File: Hacx MAP17 map.png|thumb|300x300px|Map of River of Blood]]
{{Map spots}}
# Climb the steps at the start and go on the south ledge to get a [[Photon 'Zooka]]. ('''sector 33''')# At the west end with the android parts, use the west crate from the east side to get [[body armor]]. ('''sector 169''')# Leave the southwest side via the west steps and go until the floor in front of you lowers. When it does, ride back up and head back to the southeast side. An alcove to the north contains a [[cryogun]]. ('''sector 282281''')
===Miscellaneous demos==={| {{prettytable}}! Run !! Time !! Player !! Date !! File !! Notes|-| || || || || |||}''The (absence of) data was last verified in its entirety on December 3, 2021.''
== Deathmatch ==
===Map data===
things=357360| vertexes=15701626|
sidedefs=22862269| sectors=320319|
|style="text-align: left;"|[[Multiplayer#Cooperative|Cooperative start]]||colspan="3"|4
|style="text-align: left;"|[[Deathmatch start]]||colspan="3"|13
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