Quake Champions: Doom Edition

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== Champions (Playable characters) ==
All champions have individual health/armour armor caps, referred to as stacks. Champions themselves are divided into three classes:
* '''Light''' (A.K.A. squishies): Smaller than average hitbox, low stack, generally fast.
* '''Heavy''' (A.K.A. tanks): Big hitbox, large stack, slower movement.
The stacks are “lower” compared to Doom, and light champions seem rather fragile, since they have low caps for health and armourarmor. However, this is countered by their abilities. Light champions have ways of healing or escaping dangerous situations — as opposed to tanks, whose abilities are more about dealing with danger face-to-face.
The fact that stacks are relatively low overall is compensated by healing items giving much more health than traditional Doom pickups, and armor being much more common. Therefore, it's possible to lose health quickly, but so long as an escape route is available, lost health can be gained back in a [[tic|heartbeat]].
* '''Bounty Hunter''': Grayson gets armor every time he kills an enemy.
* '''Blitz''': If he doesn't take damage in 3 seconds, Blaskowicz's health will quickly regenerate to the nearest multiple of 25.
* '''H.E.V. Suit''': Freeman receives no environmental damage. Also, collecting LG ammo grants him armourarmor, while collecting BFG ammo reduces his active cooldown time.
* '''Extraction''': When he's about to receive a lethal hit, Freeman is transported elsewhere in the map with 25 hp. This has a 60 seconds cooldown time.
* '''Demon Morph''': Upon collecting 66 souls (in PvP each soul is worth 11), Painkiller will turn into a demon.
* '''Hex''': Menelkir makes enemies killed drop hourglasses that restore cooldown.
* '''Walljump''': Nyx can jump off walls, decorations and enemies.
* '''Unified Vitality''': Picking up armour armor will refill missing portions of Durandal's health first.
* '''Infra-Chromatic Unveil''': Durandal can always see invisible or phase-shifting beings.
* '''Peacock's Blessing''': Lo Wang can quickly regenerate his health up to 60 HP by quickly tapping "right" twice and holding "use".
* '''Murderface''': Eradicator's damage increases as he kills enemies.
* '''Inductive Healing''': Picking up medium and large healing items will also grant Eradicator some armor.
* '''Excess Matter''': Vor Matur has a massive HP pool, but cannot pick up armourarmor. He also receives less knockback from hits.
* '''Corrosive Blood''': Blood sprayed by Vor Matur when taking hits does damage to enemies.
* '''Wall Climb''': Major can climb some walls by holding the "jump" key near them.
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