TNT: Evilution

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In TNT: Evilution the [[UAC]], now under strict government supervision, are once again intent on developing and experimenting with dimensional gateway technology. With hopes that increased distance would help protect the [[Earth]], they set up a base on [[Io]], one of the moons of Jupiter, with a solid detachment of marines from the United States Space Marine Corps for protection. The marines do their job well: when the first experimental gateway is opened they annihilate the forces of [[Hell]]. Anything that came through the gateway was immediately destroyed by the marines, and so research on the gateways continued. The marines are all awarded the Silver Star by the government in gratitude. Research went on, less cautiously than before.
A few months later, the yearly supply ship came earlier than expected, and looked strange and unusually large on the radar. The personnel of the base went out to behold the terrible truth: it was a spaceship from [[Hell]], built of steel, stone, flesh, bone and corruption. The ship's enormous gates opened to unleash a rain of demons on the base. Quickly, the whole base was overrun, and everyone was slain or [[Former human|zombified]].
The [[Doomguy]], now in command of the marine deployment, had been away on a walk, and thus escaped death or zombification. After being attacked by an [[imp]] he rushes back to the base, where he sees the demonic spaceship still hovering above it and realizes what has happened. Then he swears that he will seek revenge for his slain troops, and sets out to slay as many evil creatures as possible.
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